Trainin’ Two Sisters

September 1, 2014



So this week I officially adopted my second daughter. We got put in a trio for the week, and I got to finish up the end of Hermana Nicolosi’s training.  So we’re were 3 gringas right now, just until tomorrow morning though :)  She’s super sweet, and we went and stayed in her house because it’s close, a lot bigger, and has AIR CONDITIONING.  The most amazing blessing ever.  It’s actually the house I lived in the first month of my mission when Hermana Sanchez and I were homeless, so good memories.

So this past week we’ve been working in both areas, La Pastora and Guadalupe, and it’s been fun to teach some different people and also interesting to teach in a trio.

One of our investigators, Lupita, is doing sooo well, we’re pretty excited/happy about her.  She came to church the past few weeks, participating in the classes, has a few friends at church now, is reading the Book of Mormon, and should be getting baptised this month if everything goes well.

Here’s something I really liked from sacrament meeting yesterday.  There was a talk about prayer that really made me think about my own prayers.  Sometimes we get into the habit and don’t really remember that we’re talking with God; it’s just like if we’re ordering at McD’s.  Or like talking to ourselves.  He shared the example of Enos, how he had hunger to talk to God and had so much faith that he prayed for the whole day and night.  So, just a little invitation for the week to make our prayers a little better, more personal, and remember that we’re actually talking to our Heavenly Father.  I know He always listens and answers us and loves us.

Have a great week!



Gainin’ Strength

August 18, 2014



This weeks been great, probs talking a little too much english with my new comp, but we’re having fun. We have a few great investigators we’re working with, and I know the Lord’s guiding us and strengthening us, even though it’s been a kinda tough lately.  I know all our trials are to build our faith :)

I’ve been studying and thinking a lot about the story of Job this week.  He was a righteous good guy that had pretty much everything going for him, but in like one day he lost all his animals/property, a house fell on all his kids and they died, he got boils, his wife rejected him–pretty much the worst luck ever. And what was his reaction?  He fell down to the ground to worship the Lord and thanked Him.  Wow.  Sometimes I feel like a have a lot of trials, but I need to be grateful for everything, grateful for the good and the bad!  I know the Lord’s blessing us a ton, and I’m so grateful to be sharing His gospel everyday.

Funny story from the week.  We were walking to an appointment when this car stopped next to us, and a guy hopped out and started to talk to us.  He said he’d seen us and felt something inside him that he needed to follow us, that he couldn’t explain why but and apologized that it was weird.  So we told him who we were and talked to him about our message, and he said he’d come to church Sunday, and we wrote down his address to visit him.  So I was thinking holy cow the Spirit prompted him to come talk to us, what a cool experience.  But then he told me that it was something in my eyes, and that “tus ojos me mataron” hahaha.  Kinda creeped me out!  Luckily it’ll be the elders that go visit him, not us!





Gettin’ Soaked in One Way or Another

August 11, 2014


These past few weeks have been great!  I’ve got a gringa companion now, which is lots of fun, but it makes it a little harder to communicate sometimes when people don’t understand me.  I can’t look at my companion to translate, but we’re working really hard.  She’s awesome, from Texas, and eats tons of spicy food, which I still haven’t quite worked up to.  I feel like I’m learning lots from her!  We have some great investigators and are finding new ones every week.  The hottest part of the year is almost coming to an end, thank goodness, and it’s actually been raining hard this week. I’m having lots of fun, and can’t believe I’m going to hit the 8 month mark.  I wish time would slow down!  Hope everyone has a fantastic week. :)


Meltin’ in Monterrey

July 14, 2014
July 21, 2014


Well on July 14 the famous “canícula” began– 40 days of extreme heat up to like 115/120 degrees.  I. Am. Dying.  But one week down, 5ish to go.  There are seriously no people in the street to talk to, because they’re all hiding from the heat.  Ahhh.

Also tomorrow I’m getting a new companion!  Super weird because I’ve been with Hermana Sanchez forever, but I’m excited to learn something new from a new companion.

We’ve been organizing lots of ward activities, so that’s been fun.  We have a FHE for the whole ward tonight, had a “Mormon Marathon” last week, and in a few weeks we are having another game show-type activity.  We’re working hard to find new investigators and have a few that are coming to church every week and progressing and preparing to be baptised.

That’s about all the news I have, I’m loving the mission, even when I’m dying from heat!  Hasta luego!



Celebratin’ by Myself

July 7, 2014
photo 1


Happy 4th of JULY!  Not gonna lie, I was missing my country this Friday, but I wore all the red, white and blue I could find :)

The last few weeks have been tough, but I know my Heavenly Father’s always looking out for me. I was really discouraged one morning when I read this scripture in 1 Peter 1:7:


That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.

We experience hard times so that we can grow, and I know our challenges are opportunities to build our faith, opportunities even more precious than gold. So I’m trying to see the positive side of everything! The past few weeks we’ve been walking and walking and walking. And honestly have a lot of different challenges in this area, and haven’t seen a lot of the fruits of our labor these 5 months. This week we’ve just been looking for new investigators trying to find people that have been prepared by the Lord.

A general authority came to the mission and talked about green tomatoes. We can try to convince an unripe tomatoe to turn red and we can help it and pray for it but it’s not going to ripen any faster. And it’s the same with investigators. There’s a lot that aren’t quite ready to accept this gospel and in their time the Lord will touch their heart, but we as missioanries need to look for the red tomatoes. We waste a lot of time with green ones.

Anyways, so we’ve been searching for red tomatoes and they’re hard to find and we’re walking a whole lot. We have people we could teach if we just wanted to have more lessons but they aren’t progressing and it’s wasting the Lord’s time. It takes a lot of faith and patience to do things the Lord’s way even though we can’t always see the results yet. But I know the Lord always does His part and when we exercise our faith.

Yesterday was probably the best sacrament meeting I’ve been in and I felt the Spirit strongly, and 7 investigators came! I was honestly so happy yesterday at church and know the Lord puts everything in place when we trust in Him. We went back out to work in the afternoon and are still having a lot of challenges but I know we’re doing His work and He’s working lots of miracles here.

Hope everyone has a great week! :)

Beggin’ Food from Members

 June 2, 2014
Image 13

This a couple that we’re teaching named Leticia and Jesus, super sweet.  They went to church last week, and this Saturday was Jesus’ birthday, so we bought him a giant Book of Mormon because he couldn’t read the small one, a hymn book for the two of them, and chocolate.


A couple in our ward brought us food like 4 times this weekend, because I accidentially mentioned that we had nothing to eat.  It was an exaggeration–we had a little.  But they’re so sweet; they brought us hamburgers, mango juice, breakfast burritos, mangos, chocolate milk, tortas (like sub sandwiches) and more juice, for 3 different meals.
June 10, 2014
Hellooo!! This week’s been really good.  Not a whole lot new going on here, except some really exciting news…I GET TO WATCH FROZEN TODAY!I hope it lives up to my expectations, because I’m been dying to see it and love the music, and now it’s on our approved list of movies to watch :)Oh, also we have an investigator who’s like 70 years old and the cutest old man, super sweet, and told me this week my spanish is “malisimo”, which means super super bad!  Hahaha!  Yikes, please pray for me and my gringa accent.  Even so, I actually feel really good about my spanish and can understand the majority of what people are saying!

Anyways, that’s about all my news for this week.  I’m enjoying the mission and learning more everyday, and I am amazed at how perfect the gospel is, and that we can always learn more and grow and improve. It’s such a blessing to be able to watch it changes people’s lives.  Hope everyone has a fantastic week! :)