Keepin’ Super Busy

May 26, 2014
Image 12


Hola!!!  This is Francisca our investigator who is 91 years old!

Things are going so well here! Hands down best week so far of my mission. We had 7 investigators come to church yesterday and had a really successful week. A few new people we’re teaching that are really excited and prepared to accept the gospel in their lives. I’m learning soo much and and so happy here! This really is the Lord’s work and He’s in charge, He’s answering our prayers and blessing us with lots of miracles in our area.

Last week we hiked cerro de la silla again, but went all the way to the top, and I’ve never been so exhausted. But definitely worth it, the view from the top was amazing!  When we got to the top, there were these weird animals called tejones, I have no idea what that is in english.  There was also this cave we went in, and there were hundreds of giant spider (EW!!); they were like daddy long legs but their legs were literally like 3 or 4 inches long and the bodies black with bluish purple. I’ve never been so claustrophobic. But super beautiful hike and good exercise :)

One of our investigators bought these candy things for us. People always feed us–it’s awesome.

Image 14


By the way, the cockroaches are starting to come out of hiding and into our house!  Super nasty, but I’m a pro at killing them. The big ones are literally 2 inches long and FLY :/ ahhh so gross!


Skypin’ on Mother’s Day

May 12, 2014
Image 10


Happy Mother’s Day!!  Skyping with my family was the main highlight this week, & I know my mom loved it!  Our connection wasn’t good, so we had to the audio by phone but the picture was great.  Love technology!

Today’s been good.  We woke up, only did about an hour of study, went to buy shoes for Hermana Sanchez, and then bought ice cream because even at 10 in the morning, we were dying from the heat.  We took a taxi to the office in the Monterrey West mission, about 45 min away to visit the doctor; our missions share a doctor.  It’s really pretty over there in the city, and you can see the mountain really clearly like it is in the pictures, houses on the hills are really colorful, and we took lots of pics that I’ll send later.  After seeing the Dr., we went to buy groceries and then ate at a member’s house, then came here to the internet cafe.  P-day is never a day of rest!  We start working at 6pm, then we have an appointment, and then were going to contact at the market.  Our district is 8 missionaries, and were gonna set up a table with pamphlets to give away and talk to lots of people hopefully!   Adios–Have a great week!
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Explorin’ the Wilds of Monterrey

May 19, 2014
I’m sooo sore!  We hiked like crazy all the way to the very tip top of El Cerro de la Silla today.  We left at 6:30 in the morning and got back around 2, ate McDonalds super quickly, and then we were running around trying to get everything done.  We went to like 4 different cyber cafes, and all of them were full so we ended up having like 30 min. on email.  But everything’s good here, we’re working really hard, it’s hot and I’m burnt and so sore, but were busy and that’s good!   Love you all so much!


It was honestly such a crazy view from the top and definitely worth the pain.  Never again though!

These furry creatures were at the very top–we really don’t know what they are!   That centipede was 6 inches long too!  Below is my favorite picture–thousands of ladybugs all over this grass!
Image 15


Perusin’ the Monday Market

May 5, 2014
Image 2


Happy 5 de Mayo!!!

Just kidding, nobody actually celebrates that here.  My companera thinks it’s really weird that in the US we all eat tacos and wear sombreros and have fiestas on 5 de Mayo.  Good thing I get to eat tacos everyday anyways!

My week’s been really good, pretty normal.  Lots of sun and lots of work to do!  One thing we’ve been doing on Mondays lately is contacting in the mercado.  There’s a really cool street fair-type thing every Monday night, and literally everyone is there, so it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to people and find people to teach!  And buy food.  I’m always a little distracted when we’re there because there’s jewelry, clothes, and lots of sparkly things so I want to buy it all.

We we’re talking to a guy in the street the other day, and mid-conversation I noticed he was wearing a Washington hat!  It had the names of a few cities, I think Moses Lake and Royal City, and I don’t remember the rest but he said he found it in a store here so who knows!  But I felt a little closer to home.

That’s pretty much all for this week.  We had a few investigators come to church yesterday and are seeing slow but steady progress in our area and in our tiny ward!





Pronouncin’ like a Gringa

April 30, 2014

This week has been sooo stinkin hot. But everythings going good.  I’m going to be super brown by the time I’m done here. Actually somebody thought I was Mexican the other day,, and I was pretty excited about that, but the moment I open my mouth it’s pretty obvious I’m not from here.  Pronunciation is probably the most frusturating thing right now because I actually know the words now, and I’ll finish saying saying something that I thought was really good and at the end they’re like “no le entendi” como en serio??  I need to work lots to get rid of my accent!

On monday we didn’t have p-day because the new missionaries flew in the from MTC, and two of the hermanas accompanied us for the day before they got their real comps on tuesday.  It was pretty fun to change it up; I was with an hermana from Republica Dominicana who is super nice!  Also, I’m officially done with my 12 weeks of training, so we leave an hour earlier in the morning to work, and we can do splits now!   So we’ll be able to double our efforts and share the gospel with more people.  Woohoo!

Image 1

We have an investigator named Victor who’s honestly so prepared by the Lord–it’s crazy.  We found him looking for a different house, and we asked him for directions, and he said he was looking to find a different church.  He’s preparing for baptism, watched conference a few weeks ago and loved it, and knows this is true!   He always feeds us, and the other night he gave us these pens with flowers that his daughter makes, and it was so cute because he’s a 60-something year old man.  But it’s been really cool to see him learn and have his prayers answered!  The Lord is preparing lots of people and working right alongside us!


Talkin’ in Church

April 21, 2014

Hola!  Todo esta muy bien aqui :)  Estoy disfrutando la mision y trabajando muchisssimo.

This week was the semana santa, so everyone had school off, and lots of people left for vacations.  Which means that tons of our appointments fell through, and there weren’t very many people to contact in the street!  But we still had a really good week.  We’ve been teaching a lot and always seem to find new people that have been prepared by the Lord to hear this message.  It amazes me how the Lord works with us and answers our prayers.  There’s been so many little moments this week where we’ve found people in their homes at the perfect moment to receive us.  We have a woman we’re teaching named Carolina, she’s around 40 years old with two kids and her husband passed away, and she’s fighting cancer.  She had prayed to be able to understand God’s word better, and right after that we showed up at her house.  She really needs this gospel in her life and has an open heart to receive it.  The Lord really helps us, and He is always guiding us!

Also this week I’ve been surrounded by dogs, everywhere, and I don’t know why!  First of all like everyone has either gotten puppies lately or their dog had babies, so I’ve been able to hold lots of super cute soft cuddly puppies this week, and I love it. Slighty distracting.  Also, a lady in our ward has a lot of dogs, and two of them follow us everywhere!  Like all day.  They follow us to our appointments and wait outside the door until we’re done, even though we’re pretty far away from their house, and we can’t get rid of them.  We’ve always tripping over them, and it drives my companion crazy; I think it’s funny, but honestly there are so many dogs in Mexico … holy cowww.


Image 29

Yesterday I gave a talk in church, and I was pretty proud of myself because I didn’t bring a paper or anything to read off of!  I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my Spanish!  There were two words that I forgot, but the whole ward helped me out and shouted them out at me — hahaha, not exactly the most reverent, but I definitely felt their support. :)  We have the tiniest ward, and there’s a lot of challenges here, but we’re seeing a lot of progress.  The members are getting more excited about missionary work and more willing to accompany us to lessons and share it with their friends.

Well me and Hermana Sanchez tried to take a selfie this morning, and I look like I’m a foot taller, which is almost true.  Que tenga buena semana amigos! :)


Climbin’ to New Heights

April 14, 2014
Image 15

Hola amigos! It hasn’t been super long since the last p-day, but its been a great past few days.  Friday we had intercambios, so my companera left for a day, and one of the sister leaders was with me in my area for 24 hours.  It was the first time I’ve been totally in charge, and I didn’t get us lost!  I was nervous beforehand because I depend on Hermana Sanchez a lot when I don’t understand what people are saying, but we had a good day and worked really hard.  And we contacted tons of people in the street and had some good lessons.  But it’s good to have my companion back now.  We’ve had some amazing experiences lately, and the Lord is guiding us in everything, so I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. :)

Also this morning we hiked El Cerro de la Silla, the mountain that Monterrey is known for.   Such an amazing view!   My legs are killing me, because it was a pretty long/steep hike but defs worth it.   And its a million degrees here, no joke!   But super fun to hang out with the other missionaries outside of district/zone meetings, and saw some friends from the MTC, took lots of selfies and almost fell off the edge trying to take jumping pics.  Also this morning, we went to buy groceries and my comp lost our cell phone :(   So right now we have no clue where it is, if it was stolen, quien sabe…. but pray for us that we can find it!   Hasta luego! 


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